How in Myanmar “National Races” Came to Surpass Citizenship and Exclude Rohingya (2017)

Nick Cheesman Journal of Contemporary Asia 47, no. 3 Link behind a paywall here. The idea of “national races” or taingyintha has animated brutal conflict in Myanmar over who or what is “Rohingya.” But because the term is translated from Burmese inconsistently, and because its usage is contingent, its peculiar significance for political speech and action hasContinue reading “How in Myanmar “National Races” Came to Surpass Citizenship and Exclude Rohingya (2017)”


Myanmar’s Historical Experiences with Executive Policymaking (2018)

Su Mon Thazin Aung and Matthew Arnold A section within their Asia Foundation Report Managing Change: Executive Policymaking in Myanmar English AND Burmese versions downloadable on this page. Abstract on entire report: “Since 2011, Myanmar has undergone a daunting transition from entrenched military rule to a more democratic form of governance that can address longstanding political,Continue reading “Myanmar’s Historical Experiences with Executive Policymaking (2018)”

Singapore Policy History Project

Useful online resource for those historians wishing to do research on the origins of Singapore development and administrative policies. Official Description: “The Singapore Policy History Project presents the policy paths taken by government agencies throughout Singapore’s history. The Project is a thematic presentation of our policy history through actual policy papers, oral history interviews, photos,Continue reading “Singapore Policy History Project”

The Evolution of the Community Health Worker program in Papua New Guinea (2017)

Cathy Lepi Pilang, Marion Grey, Florin Oprescu Remote and Rural Health November 2017 Volume 17 Issue 4 OpenAccess version here. Papua New Guinea (PNG) has a special history in regard to the training of Community Health Workers (CHWs) and is currently preparing its frontline health workforce to serve the 85% of the total PNG populationContinue reading “The Evolution of the Community Health Worker program in Papua New Guinea (2017)”

Introduction: Changing Waterscapes in the Mekong Region – Historical Background and Context (2009)

François Molle, Tira Foran and Philippe Floch n book: Contested Waterscapes in the Mekong Region: Hydropower, Livelihoods and Governance Openaccess version here.

The Delta Machine: Water Management in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta in Historical and Contemporary Perspectives (2009)

David Biggs, Fiona Miller, Chu Thai Hoanh and François Molle In Contested waterscapes in the Mekong Region : hydropower, livelihoods and governance, p.203-225 Openaccess version downloadable here.

History, Historians and Development Policy: A Necessary Dialogue (2011)

Editors: C. A. Bayly, Vijayendra Rao, Simon Szreter, and Michael Woolcock The substantive and methodological contributions of professional historians to development policy debates was marginal, whether because of the dominance of economists or the inability of historians to contribute. There are broadly three ways in which history matters for development policy. These include insistence on the methodological principles ofContinue reading “History, Historians and Development Policy: A Necessary Dialogue (2011)”

Colonial and Post-Colonial State-think and the Problem with University Education in Southeast Asian Countries (2021)

Michael W. Charney SOAS, the University of London Comments made on 8 January 2021 as part of FORSEA’s “Suppression of Academic Freedoms by ASEAN universities” Webinar The full video for the event is here: In reference to the decision by NUS Press’s decision to cancel Pavin’s book contract, the problem here is not aContinue reading “Colonial and Post-Colonial State-think and the Problem with University Education in Southeast Asian Countries (2021)”

How ASEAN States Make Their Peoples Unable to Think: A FORSEA Discussion on Academic Freedom in ASEAN Countries (2021)

FORSEA YouTube Series. Suppression of Academic Freedoms by ASEAN universities. Mike Charney, Maung Zarni, Ramon Guillermo, Mesrob Vartavarian, Saskia E. Wieringa, and Pavin Chachavalpongpun, triggered by NUS Press’ academic censorship of high quality volume on Thai people’s struggle. Streamed live on FORSEA Youtube Channel.