Five history lessons in how to deal with a refugee crisis (2015)

Alexander Betts The Guardian. What can we learn from the way we dealt with previous refugee emergencies? After all, this is not the first time. Online article here.

Does History Matter?: Making and debating citizenship, immigration and refugee policy in Australia and New Zealand (2009)

Klaus Neumann & Gwenda Tavan (eds) OpenAccess Book hereImmigration .

Camps of Containment: A Genealogy of the Refugee Camp (2016)

Kirsten McConnachie Humanity : an international journal of human rights, humanitarianism and development OpenAccess version here. What is a refugee camp? Existing definitions have focused on logics of power and institutions of governance. This article argues instead that refugee camps are best understood in relation to their purpose of containment. It posits ‘camps of containment’Continue reading “Camps of Containment: A Genealogy of the Refugee Camp (2016)”