How in Myanmar “National Races” Came to Surpass Citizenship and Exclude Rohingya (2017)

Nick Cheesman Journal of Contemporary Asia 47, no. 3 Link behind a paywall here. The idea of “national races” or taingyintha has animated brutal conflict in Myanmar over who or what is “Rohingya.” But because the term is translated from Burmese inconsistently, and because its usage is contingent, its peculiar significance for political speech and action hasContinue reading “How in Myanmar “National Races” Came to Surpass Citizenship and Exclude Rohingya (2017)”


Myanmar’s Historical Experiences with Executive Policymaking (2018)

Su Mon Thazin Aung and Matthew Arnold A section within their Asia Foundation Report Managing Change: Executive Policymaking in Myanmar English AND Burmese versions downloadable on this page. Abstract on entire report: “Since 2011, Myanmar has undergone a daunting transition from entrenched military rule to a more democratic form of governance that can address longstanding political,Continue reading “Myanmar’s Historical Experiences with Executive Policymaking (2018)”

Introduction: Changing Waterscapes in the Mekong Region – Historical Background and Context (2009)

François Molle, Tira Foran and Philippe Floch n book: Contested Waterscapes in the Mekong Region: Hydropower, Livelihoods and Governance Openaccess version here.

Videos from the International Committee of the Red Cross Conference on Buddhism and International Humanitarian Law, Sri Lanka (2019)

The conference featured alongside monks and generals, historians and religious studies scholars, some of the video presentations can be watched on the site. Mike Charney’s from SOAS, connected history to look for Burmese Buddhist thinking conducive to the tenets of International Humanitarian Law.

Everyday Justice in Myanmar (2020)

Webinar on new book at LSE Forwarded from the LSE South Asia Centre EVERYDAY JUSTICE IN MYANMAR Date/Time: Friday, 9 October 2020/4-5:30pm UK Time. Speakers: Daniel Aguirre (@KDanielAguirre) is Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Roehampton; Michael W. Charney is Professor of Asian and Military History, SOAS; Helene Maria Kyed (@HeleneKyed) is Senior Researcher, Danish Institute for International Studies, Copenhagen; Mi Thang Sorn Poine hasContinue reading “Everyday Justice in Myanmar (2020)”