The South and Disarmament at the UN (2016)

Dan Plesch Third World Quarterly, 37 (7). pp. 1203-1218 OpenAccess version here. The article analyses the global South‘s role in disarmament. It offers the evidence of a customarily ignored Southern agency in UN processes and suggests that the work of the later Hans Morgenthau explains both this agency and contrary state policies. The article looks at theContinue reading “The South and Disarmament at the UN (2016)”


Rewriting the Past: The Global South in Human Rights History (2019)

Charlotte Steinorth Global Policy Abstract The current age of global inequality, in which life expectancy is overwhelmingly determined by geography, doesnot bode well for the relationship between human rights and the Non‐Western world. While history does not provideany guidance on how to create a more just world order, it does show us that human rightsContinue reading “Rewriting the Past: The Global South in Human Rights History (2019)”