The United Nations: Managing and Re-shaping a New World Order (2020)

Amitav Acharaya & Dan Plesch Global Governance, 26 (2). pp. 221-235 OpenAccess version here. …One should not wait for these challenges to imperil the world to the point of no return before reviving it and strengthening it in the face of the current attack from populists and “patriots” (to use Trump’s words). At the sameContinue reading “The United Nations: Managing and Re-shaping a New World Order (2020)”


Housing, planning and urban health: Historical and current perspectives from South Africa (2020)

Job Gbadegesin, Michael Pienaar, Lochner Marais Bulletin of Geography. Socio-economic Series | Volume 48: Issue 48 OpenAccess article here. Globally, policymakers often describe informal settlements and slums in terms of health problems. In this paper we trace the way housing and planning have been linked to health concerns in the history of South Africa and we assessContinue reading “Housing, planning and urban health: Historical and current perspectives from South Africa (2020)”

A Century of South African Housing Acts 1920–2020 (2020)

Alan Mabin Urban Forum volume 31, pages453–472 OpenAccess Article available here. A century ago, South Africa’s first national scheme for financing public housing passed into law. The Housing Act, number 35 of 1920, created a fund administered by a Central Housing Board, from which municipalities could borrow to support construction of houses at a lower interest rate thanContinue reading “A Century of South African Housing Acts 1920–2020 (2020)”

“The Case for Applied History” (2020)

Iskander Rehman Published online for AFPC here. “….This is where applied history, with its prudential rejection of presentism, teleological certainty, and overweening positivism, can prove most useful. It furnishes a healthy skepticism in the face of those who, starting from grand theories or first principles, are determined to engineer tidy sets of explanations applicable acrossContinue reading ““The Case for Applied History” (2020)”

Everyday Justice in Myanmar (2020)

Webinar on new book at LSE Forwarded from the LSE South Asia Centre EVERYDAY JUSTICE IN MYANMAR Date/Time: Friday, 9 October 2020/4-5:30pm UK Time. Speakers: Daniel Aguirre (@KDanielAguirre) is Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Roehampton; Michael W. Charney is Professor of Asian and Military History, SOAS; Helene Maria Kyed (@HeleneKyed) is Senior Researcher, Danish Institute for International Studies, Copenhagen; Mi Thang Sorn Poine hasContinue reading “Everyday Justice in Myanmar (2020)”