Camps of Containment: A Genealogy of the Refugee Camp (2016)

Kirsten McConnachie Humanity : an international journal of human rights, humanitarianism and development OpenAccess version here. What is a refugee camp? Existing definitions have focused on logics of power and institutions of governance. This article argues instead that refugee camps are best understood in relation to their purpose of containment. It posits ‘camps of containment’Continue reading “Camps of Containment: A Genealogy of the Refugee Camp (2016)”


The South and Disarmament at the UN (2016)

Dan Plesch Third World Quarterly, 37 (7). pp. 1203-1218 OpenAccess version here. The article analyses the global South‘s role in disarmament. It offers the evidence of a customarily ignored Southern agency in UN processes and suggests that the work of the later Hans Morgenthau explains both this agency and contrary state policies. The article looks at theContinue reading “The South and Disarmament at the UN (2016)”

Historical origins of persistent inequality in Nigeria (2016)

Belinda Archibong “Horizontal inequality by ethnic group has remained remarkably persistent for wealth, education, and access to certain services in Nigeria. While significant gains in the reduction of inequality and improvement in access have been made for more locally administered services, outcomes are stickier and largely divergent for wealth, education, and historically federally administered servicesContinue reading “Historical origins of persistent inequality in Nigeria (2016)”

Transport Policy: Learning Lessons from History (2016)

Colin Divall & Julian Hine ,  The key aim of this volume is to demonstrate ways in which an understanding of history can be used to inform present-day transport and mobility policies. This is not to say that history repeats itself, or that every contemporary transport dilemma has an historical counterpart: rather, the contributors toContinue reading “Transport Policy: Learning Lessons from History (2016)”

History, Policy and Public Purpose: Historians and Historical Thinking in Government (2016)

Alix R. Green This book takes a fresh look at the connection between history and policy, proposing that historians rediscover a sense of ‘public purpose’ that can embrace political decision-making – and also enhance historical practice. Making policy is a complex and messy affair, calling on many different forms of expertise and historians have oftenContinue reading “History, Policy and Public Purpose: Historians and Historical Thinking in Government (2016)”