The Evolution of Counterinsurgency Warfare: A Historical Overview (2011)

Oscar Palma Morales Revista de Relaciones Internacionales, Estrategia y Seguridad “This paper makes a historical overview of the evolution of counterinsurgency in order to understand that this concept has not been rigid and static through the ages. It intends to explain why the understanding of counterinsurgency, its objectives and scope, the actors involved in itsContinue reading “The Evolution of Counterinsurgency Warfare: A Historical Overview (2011)”


History, Historians and Development Policy: A Necessary Dialogue (2011)

Editors: C. A. Bayly, Vijayendra Rao, Simon Szreter, and Michael Woolcock The substantive and methodological contributions of professional historians to development policy debates was marginal, whether because of the dominance of economists or the inability of historians to contribute. There are broadly three ways in which history matters for development policy. These include insistence on the methodological principles ofContinue reading “History, Historians and Development Policy: A Necessary Dialogue (2011)”

Humanitarian Intervention: A History (2011)

Brendan Simms & D. J. B. Trim (eds.) The dilemma of how best to protect human rights is one of the most persistent problems facing the international community today. This unique and wide-ranging history of humanitarian intervention examines responses to oppression, persecution and mass atrocities from the emergence of the international state system and internationalContinue reading “Humanitarian Intervention: A History (2011)”