The United Nations: Managing and Re-shaping a New World Order (2020)

Amitav Acharaya & Dan Plesch

Global Governance, 26 (2). pp. 221-235

OpenAccess version here.

…One should not wait for these challenges to imperil the world to the point of no return before reviving it and strengthening it in the face of the current attack from populists and “patriots” (to use Trump’s words). At the same time, Nehru’s warning about the great powers’ tendency to return to their old man- ners of power play despite an apparent show of unity in facing a common danger should remind us that cooperation cannot be based on short-term cal- culations. Great powers, this time including rising powers like India and China, should lead and be led by others to correct the deficit of multilateralism as the world moves through a momentous period of power transition and transna- tional imperilment….


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