“Historical Analysis of Educational Policies in Nigeria: Trends and Implications” (2018)

B. Daniel-Kalio

International Journal of Scientific Research in Education, 11(2), 247-264.

“After a critical review of relevant literature, examination of education ordinances and codes, National Policy documents and relevant documents of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the paper showed that different educational policies have been formulated since the colonial era to date. The paper reviewed the different literature and presented the education ordinances, codes and policies under three (3) eras which are; the pre- amalgamation era (1848 -1908), post-amalgamation to Independence (1914-1960) era and post-independence (1961) to 2013. In all, the paper observed frequency in the change of the educational policy thrust of the nation and showed that three (3) ordinances were enacted in the pre-amalgamation era, ten (10) in the post- amalgamation to Independence era and ten (10) from Independence to 2013. The paper showed that most of the educational policies and amendments were centered more on reviewing the existing policies even after Independence. No attempt was made on formulating an educational policy that is original and indigenous to Nigeria. The paper highlighted different trends and specific issues on the disparity between the educational policies and its implementation in the context of the wider national development processes. Finally, the paper also made some conclusions and recommended an adoption of a holistic and systematic approach to the formulation of future policies. It also suggested a paradigm shift from overlooking the nursery education to paying more critical attention to that stage of education as it represents the beginning of the developmental stages of human development. This is to reflect the current realities of our time.”

Online open access version here.


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